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Doctor city: Knoxville

Paul Yau

Perry White

Mark Turner

Mary Testerman

Edwin Spencer

Scott Smith

James Sherrell

Cameron Sears

John Reynolds

Timothy Renfree

Matthew Rappe

Tracy Pesut

Rickey Parsons

William Oros

Paul Naylor

Matthew Nadaud

Gregory Mathien

James Maguire

Jon Macnaughton

Luke Madigan

Thomas Koenig

Paul Johnson

Glenn Jeffries

Conrad Ivie

Edwin Holt

George Holloway

John Harrison

Frank Gray

Brian Edkin

Joseph Defiore

Richard Cunningham

John Crawford

Brian Covino

Harold Cates

Douglas Calhoun

Paul Brady

Herman Botero

Patrick Bolt

Russell Betcher

Thomas Beeler

Paul Becker

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