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Doctor city: Lancaster

Gary Zartman

Thomas Westphal

Stephen Voto

David Vaziri

Timothy Tymon

Alan Tuckman

Corey Troxell

Paul Simonelli

David Sieger

Gerald Rothacker

John Rodgers

Thomas Renz

Steven Priano

Ira Porter

Mark Perezous

Raymond Peart

James O’Neill

Aran O’Malley

Anthony Mauriello

Robert Mathews

Edward Maley

Jean Lyet

Joy Long

Paul Kamins

David Hughes

Keith Hollingsworth

Adam Griska

Michael Gish

Gregg Fasulo

Frank Essis

Raymond Dragann

Mark D’Onofrio

Donald Diverio

Christopher Cooke

Paul Carroll

Rodney Brenneman

Alon Antebi

Carl Adolph

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