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Anterior Hip Foundation

August 15, 2019



The mission of the Anterior Hip Foundation is that they are “Pioneering the Anterior Approach Hip technique to better serve our global patient population”. To paraphrase, this nonprofit hopes to educate and implement a specific hip surgery approach to help all who need hip replacements, worldwide. Their website offers a thank you to the support of a particular couple on the main page, they ask you to join now, and encourage you to learn more by clicking under the mission statement.




On the left bar of the Anterior Hip Foundation website, you can find resources such as events and a discussion board, which is still under development. The events page list the past conferences of the organization and the upcoming conference. The upcoming conference will be held from April 17 – April 18 2020 at Encore at Wynn Resorts, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd, South Las Vegas, NV 89109. Registration for the upcoming conference is not yet open.




On the ‘Technologies’ page on the website they go into more depth about the recent technological advancements of the Anterior Approach Hip technique. These advancements can benefit patients by keeping more muscle, reducing tissue damage, and improving the placement of surgical insertions. There is also a video that explains a specific tool, the Hana Orthopedic Fracture/Trauma Surgical Table. 




The “Join” tab takes you to the page where you select the membership plan that best suits you. They are for healthcare professionals, rather than patients Those who choose to join are billed once for a year long membership. The different membership plans are:

  • Physician Member for Senior Physicians
  • Candidate Member for Fellows & Residents
  • Associate Member for Scientists & Other HCPs
  • Affiliate Member for Corporate
  • Sales Member for Reps & Agents


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