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Discharge Safety

Discharge Safety

Discharge Safety

Many patients who are thinking about joint replacement surgery either don't have any loved ones around or have limited friends and family in the area. Our requirement is that following your joint replacement surgery, we want someone, either a family friend or neighbor to be able to come to your home or stay with that person for the first few days following their discharge for the safety to ensure that when they get up in the middle of the night, they have someone there to help them and to improve their chances of mobility and decrease their risk of falls. If you are that loved one, it's important to be patient as the recovery can often take a little bit of time. One of the biggest concerns immediately following surgery is the risk of falling. We want to be sure that there is stable platform for the patient to get around to reduce their risk of falls. We want to create an area which limits falls by taking away loose rugs or anything that's on the ground that the patient can trip over. Navigating stairs following your joint replacement can also be difficult. There are tips and tricks you will learn from the physical therapist prior to discharge, but navigating these can be difficult and may require some assistance to ensure the patient does not fall.

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