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Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain Management

Postoperatively patients are typically prescribed different types of pain medicines. Having a little bit of a background in pain management following surgery, there are multiple different modalities we can use to attack the pain following surgery. The term used for this is multimodal pain management strategies where we use different medications to attack the pain pathway in different modalities. Typically, this initiates even before the surgery itself in the form of preoperative analgesia with anti-inflammatory medicines as well as nerve blocks. The surgery itself utilizes an injection around the joint to deaden the nerves and improve the analgesic effect, as well as the anti-inflammatory properties of the injection itself. Following the surgery, it is very critical to stay ahead of the pain and not allow the pain to catch up to the patient. We utilize a number of different medicines which all act in different ways, including scheduled Tylenol, some type of anti-inflammatory, such as Celebrex or Meloxicam. We also do typically prescribe a low dose opioid or opioid alternative such as tramadol or hydrocodone.

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