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For someone suffering from hip related condition such as degenerative osteoarthritis, typically the first signs that your hip is going bad is pain located predominantly in the groin that can radiate down the front of the thigh. Sometimes this pain can also be on the lateral side, on the outside part of the hip and associated with activities such as prolonged walking, as well as tying your shoes. A lot of people also discover that once the hip starts to go bad, they start to have less mobility in the joint itself, decreasing their range of motion and therefore limiting the types of activities they can do. Finally, once you start to have a degenerative joint, it can affect the other parts of your body in way that the way you walk and the way you carry yourself decreasing the longevity of your other joints as well as your low back. In the knees, typically the symptoms are you have pain either on the inside or outside parts of the knee, depending on where the localized arthritis is. A lot of patients will start to feel some instability and difficulty performing activities of daily living. They have difficulty walking longer distances as well as decreased range of motion itself.

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